1. Open Settings on the device. (From the home screen Menu->Settings)
  2. Select Wireless Settings (Or the appropriate wireless option on your device).
  3. Ensure that WiFi is turned on.
  4. Select the JAYHAWK network.
  5. Ensure the EAP Method is set to 'PEAP'.
  6. Ensure the Phase 2 authentication is set to 'None'.
    Please Note:  Steps 7 and 8 are only necessary if your device is running Android 7.X.X or above
  7. Under CA certificate, select "Use system certificates".Note: In Android 8.X.X select "Do not validate" under certificates
  8. In the Domain field, enter "ku.edu" (without quotes).
  9. In the Identity field, insert your KU Online ID
  10.  In the Password field, insert your KU Online ID password.
  11.  Click the 'Connect' button.