Reset KU Password

1.  First, try answering your challenge questions at
     A.  Enter your Online ID.
     B.  You will be presented with 3 questions of the 5 questions that you answered and/or provided when you set up your KU Account. Answers are not case sensitive but are sensitive to spaces and punctuation.
     C.  Once you answer your questions correctly, you will be prompted to enter a new KU Password.

2.  If you cannot answer your Challenge Questions, the IT Customer Service Center can reset your password via one of the following methods.
     Please Note:  For any of these methods, you will need to provide some form of government-issued ID, whether that is a KU ID Card, Drivers License, or Passport.

     A.  Come to one of our walk-up locations at Anschutz or Regent Library (Edwards Campus).
     B.  Call KUIT at 785-864-8080 to set up a Skype or FaceTime Video Call.