Connect to Jayhawk Wireless - Mac OSX/macOS

1. Click on the wireless button in the top right. 


2. Select "Open network preferences...".


3. Make sure WiFi is ON next to Status.


4. Click on Advanced



5. Under Preferred networks - It is recommended to remove all KU Network profiles (Guest, Jayhawk, Passport) by clicking on the "  -  " button.

6. Click on the " +  " button then type in JAYHAWK for the Network Name

7. Set the security to WPA2 Enterprise


8. Enter your Online ID and password


9. Click OK



10. Click Ok again to get back to Network Preference home.


11. Move JAYHAWK to the top of the Preferred Network List by dragging it to the top of the Network box


12. Click OK at the bottom to be returned to the Airport window

13. Your computer should now automatically connect to JAYHAWK.