Logging in to KU Anywhere VPN using DUO Multi-Factor Authentication

Please Note:  This article assumes that you have installed the KU Anywhere client on your computer and enrolled in Duo.

1. Open the Cisco AnyConnect client.

2. Type 'kuanywhere.ku.edu' in the address field, then click Connect, or just click Connect if kuanywhere.ku.edu is already present

3. Select the group 'DuoAuthentication', then enter your KU Online ID in the 'Username' field, and your KU password in the 'Password' field.


Please Note: There are multiple ways to authenticate from this point:  Push, to send a notification to your phone, generating a one-time passcode from the app, SMS, or phone call. 

  1. To Push:
    • Type 'Push' in the Secondary Password field. 


    • On your phone, your Duo Mobile app will let you know that you have an authentication request. Select 'Approve'.
    • Please Note:  This screen may vary from Phone manufacturer to manufacturer, or from Operating System to Operating System.


    • Once you click “Approve” the server will signal to the client that you are who you say you are, and you will be granted access.

      Please Note: If you’re experiencing issues receiving the push notification, Open the Duo app or check that the Duo app is allowed to send push notifications in your phone’s settings.

  2. To Use a One Time Passcode:

    •   Open the Duo app on your phone and press the 'Key' button.

    • At the KU Anywhere log in, type the code from the Duo Client in the Second Password field and click "OK".


  3. To authenticate via text message:
  • Enter 'sms' under Second Password, then select 'OK'.
  • You will receive a text message with a code.
  • You will then enter the code as your Second Password.